Favorite Audio

Never Forget Indie Song
The Stars are Yours Miscellaneous Song
*Take U Out* Pop Song
A Melancholic DepartureV2 Indie Song
Robot Shuffle Ambient Song
Haggstrom (Acoustic) Ambient Song
Wok Shop Ambient Song
Oath to Order: Zelda Video Game Song
Act III: Scene One General Rock Song
SR - Garage Waltz Jazz Song
SR - Something Is Better Than Indie Song
SR - Red Raspberries Ambient Song
SR - Tape Werms Ambient Song
SR - Youth in Asia Ambient Song
SR - Orbitals Ambient Song
SR - Feel It Indie Song
SR - Deus Ex Unatco Remix Ambient Song
The 9 Count Miscellaneous Song
Further Ahead, Beyond Time New Wave Song
Into the Fade Miscellaneous Song
There Were Birds Ambient Song
SR - Brains, Sir? Jazz Song
Subwoofer Lullaby (Guitar) Ambient Song
SR - Awwh Yeah Funk Song
As the Moon Fell Ambient Song
xKore - Eden Dubstep Song
xKore + Nechura - Alien House Song
xKore - bleepbloop Dubstep Song
xKore - Time's Up Drum N Bass Song
SR - TiredofThis Dubstep Song
SR - Pi v5 Dubstep Song
SR - Bleepy Bloopy House Song
SR - She (remix) Ambient Song
SR - Bool Creeze Ambient Song
SR - Please and Thank You Ambient Song
SR - Cold Robot (RD2010) Ambient Song
SR - Littunetine (demo) Ambient Song
SR - Reasons For New Wave Song
SR - Fable Temple of Light Video Game Song
SR - Endless Space (Sine Mix) Ambient Song
SR - Otamatone (Sine Remix) Ambient Song
Color This World (IDM Mix) Ambient Song
SR - Some Daze Ambient Song
Fly Nights (Wip) TripHop Ambient Loop
SR - Sleeperhold -final- Ambient Song
SR - Come With Me Dubstep Song
SR - Ethereal Ambient Song
SR - Possibly, One Day Ambient Song
SR - Smashin' Drum N Bass Song